What is COMA?

COMA is a Florida non-profit educational and informational networking organization created to promote lines of communication for the benefit of Condominium Owners, Community Associations, Community Managers and Affiliated Professionals. COMA of Ft. Myers was organized in 1995 to promote social, educational and informational networking programs. COMA rapidly grew to be recognized as an invaluable service to Community Owners, Community Managers & Affiliated Professionals.  We meet March - October - allowing focus during the busy season.


Dear Coma Members

We are grateful to have been able to have two successful in person meetings this year and thank you for your continued support of COMA.

We are excited to announce and celebrate our 25th Anniversary year with you in 2021.

A sneak preview of changes you can expect in 2021 include:

  • Moving to an all on-line sign up platform (1 more mailing will announce this in January)
  • Packages for group memberships will be offered for vendors and CAMS
  • Deals will be offered to join both chapters     
  • Prices to offer more economy to CAMS will be offered
  • 25th Anniversary deals will be offered on directory listings

Our goal is to move forward with a stream-lined administration in order to better serve you and keep our club strong as it can be!

Wishing you and yours a safe and happy and healthy holiday season!


The Boards of Ft Myers and Naples

Upcoming events

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COMA is the premier Networking Club in Southwest Florida! We offer two Chapters to choose from in Fort Myers and Naples. It is a great gathering place for Managers, Service Providers and Board Members to come together and network about the associations we manage and service.

Benefits to Members:

  • Continuing education classes with C.E.U credits for CAM's
  • Monthly dinner meetings in Ft. Myers and Naples
  • Business Networking before every monthly dinner meeting
  • Membership Directory Hand Book
  • Summer Party and Holiday Party
  • Access to the COMA employment referral service
  • Getting to know your peers & service providers
  • Raffles for company exposure
  • Vendor sponsorship opportunities

***For CAMS, the opportunity to meet the vendors and network with other CAMS is PRICELESS*** 

Sponsorship Opportunities

Sponsors for Managers Education Meetings:

  • Make a 5 minute presentation about the company at the education meeting.
  • Make a 5 minute presentation at the dinner meeting.
  • The company name is on the drink ticket, on the mailed out flyer and on the website.
  • Representatives should be there at 3:00 to hand out their company information and beverage tickets.
  • The sponsor may walk around with the mic for table introductions.
  • After committing you will receive an invoice from COMA prior to the meeting you wish to sponsor.  (The price would be $500 or if you would like to share the spot with another vendor it would be $250 each).  This cost is for beverage and hors d’oeuvres for the Managers.

* Job Posting Tab of our website is available for view to Members Only! (Must log in to view!)

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